Welcome to Creation Xpo: a Biblical worldview exposition on the web. For many years, we operated a museum with a physical location, but we've gone virtual with more of a media emphasis. Those years as a museum spawned a book, "Xpo: What Believers Ought To Believe." We've also branched out into radio with our Creation Clips audio message series. Creation Clips is now being expanded to video. Our vision is to meet people where they are with bite-size messages that expose Biblical truths.

God has given us a vision for truth, but also a heart for unification.

We still maintain offices  here at beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in the former museum building.

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Address:  P.O. Box 1733,
1163. S. Business Hwy 5
Camdenton, MO 65020

Phone: 573-346-5516
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About Us

It's all about the road. God has had us on a journey to uncover truth and share for the cause of unity. That may seem strange when you consider the apparent conflict between science and faith in God, but really both scientists and Bible believers are on the same path seeking truth.

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